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Our Top 5 Reasons for choosing Hosted Desktop

Posted by on Friday 24th March 2017

What are the benefits of a hosted desktop service?

1. Access the office from anywhere – Securely log-in and access your entire desktop to work on files, download data, use your CRM or accounts packages, receive and respond to emails…anything you can do sitting at your desk can be done on the move.

2. Save money – Reduce the costs associated with administration, software updates, maintenance and security management, a hosted desktop service will take all this away.

3. Increase productivity and improve service – Nobody should be so wedded to their work that they cannot take a break, but there are times when remote access is really useful in providing a speedy response.

4. Improved security – Our encrypted online backup keeps a daily copy of your data to give you peace of mind, and ensure your business is compliant with government mandates.

Your data is encrypted with military grade AES-256 encryption and stored in a secure Surrey datacentre. Your data can be swiftly restored in the event of your server, pc or laptop failing or being lost or stolen.

5. Increased collaboration - Cloud computing is built for collaboration, allowing team members to edit and share documents, from anywhere in the world. Latest versions of applications can be shared, efficiency increased and communication improved across your business networks.

So that’s why we think a hosted desktop service makes sense, to discuss this or anything else please call us on 03331 50 60 70 or email

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