Sep 20
Cyber Security

Password Managers

Posted by EricW on Wednesday 20th September 2017

You should use a different password for every web site and service you access, every security adviser you can find is unanimous on that.

Once you get beyond a dozen or so sets of credentials, you cannot keep all of them in your head, so you need a password manager of some description.

The one that we have chosen, because it suits OUR needs, is Password Safe (

It allows us to:

  • Store multiple credentials in an encrypted database
  • Segment credentials by function to set access rights
  • Share credentials easily so that everyone who should can access them
  • Backup our password database
  • and runs locally, not in the cloud

  • You may have other needs, and other password managers may suit you better.

    Troy Hunt (the guy behind has a blog post here, explaining why even an imperfect password manager is a good thing.

    PCMagazine have two lists, one of free password managers, and one of paid-for password managers.

    Bottom line? It doesn't really matter what password manager you use, so long as you use one.