Your business depends on your data - emails, spreadsheets, PDFs of proposals or contracts, databases of your accounts and orders.

Good backups protect you from the consequences of data loss, whether because of your own or others' failings:

  • I didn't mean to delete that
  • I overwrote an important document in error

Or because of hardware failure and disaster:

  • My laptop's been stolen.
  • The building next door burnt down and my server is water damaged.
  • My PC won't boot and there's a nasty noise from the box when I start it.
  • There's this message about sending a bitcoin to Russia, and my files won't open

Our encrypted online backup keeps and updates a daily version of your data to give you peace of mind,

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We de-duplicate and compress data before transmitting it to reduce costs and reduce backup transmission time.

De-duplication - multiple copies of the same file in different folders are backed up only once – if one copy is amended, we backup the original files and a separate backup of just that amendment.

Compression - only the minimum of storage space is used up - important when transmitting your data over the internet, and when storing data on our servers.



Your data is encrypted with military grade AES-256 encryption before it leaves your system and is stored still encrypted on our servers.

Data can be lost when hardware or systems fail. Our encrypted online backup keeps a versioned copy of your data to give you peace of mind and ensure your business is compliant with government mandates. Your data is stored in a highly secure Tier 3+ Surrey datacentre to which we have access 24/7. We can swiftly restore data in the event of your server, pc or laptop failing or being lost or stolen.


Versioning and Retention

We store copies of your data by date, so we can go back to the exact date you need and bring back the correct document version. To reduce the amount of data we store for you, we agree time-based retention rules with you, keeping nothing longer than necessary,

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