What is Private Cloud Hosting and what are the benefits?

It is worth pausing for a moment to consider your business data. Arguably, it is the most important asset that your business owns, probably even more critical to your business than the building that you work in. If for any reason you could not access your business data, or the security of your business data was breached, your organisation may never recover.

Business owners and senior management should treat business data with the utmost care and know exactly where their data is held and who has access to it.

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Here are 7 significant benefits of using Private Cloud rather than public cloud.

1 – Private Cloud offers high data security and compliance

Private Cloud has much greater security than public cloud or on premise computing.When users logout from the system, all the data stays on the Server in the Datacentre and nothing remains on the PC, Mac or Tablet. If a remote worker resigns from your Company, they can be blocked from systems immediately, far better than having them return their PC next time they are in the office.

Any data that could potentially identify a specific individual is known as personally identifiable information (PII).The PII of all European citizens is considered to be sensitive and is therefore given protection by law.

The EU General Data Protection Regulation incentivises companies to look after this personal data with great care, so it makes sense to find out where all your PII is stored.

Using Private Cloud Hosting with nTrust Systems, we can tell you precisely where your business data is held.Our servers are in a highly secure data centre in the UK, not stored in a foreign country that may be subject to different rules and regulations.

2 – Private Cloud gives you control over your data

The EU General Data Protection Regulation requires organisations to look after personal data with great care, and to give access only to the people who actually need access.By using nTrust Private Cloud, you are designing security into your systems and processes.Through us, you have total control over your data.You can stipulate your own backup retention policy and access controls and we can provide full audit trails, which may be a requirement of your business insurers or governing body.

3 – Private Cloud secure data backup for disaster recovery

If your business data is stored only on your premises, your business could be vulnerable in the event of flood, fire, theft, arson or terrorist attack . . .no-one expects any of these, but businesses are indeed affected by such events.Records show that when disaster hits companies who have not planned for disaster recovery, a high percentage will never recover.

It is worth considering the worst possible scenario and create a plan to get the business up and running again with the minimum of delay.You will want to store a back-up of the data at a different geographic location so that you can restore it if you can't get into your premises.You will need to know exactly who to call to restore the backup and to know that it can be restored swiftly.

Private Cloud hosted with nTrust Systems offers a significant benefit over using public cloud.Public cloud is fine for individuals, but not really appropriate for SME’s. The problem with public cloud is that you are unlikely to know exactly where your data is, or to have people who can help a business get up and running again in a new location.

By using Private Cloud with nTrust Systems, your online backup will run automatically every day and data will be stored encrypted on our own server in a state of the art Surrey datacentre. If disaster hits your premises, we will work with you to restore your data speedily so that you can get up and running again.

4 – Private Cloud Hosted Server and Hosted Desktop

Hosted desktop is an ideal solution for businesses whose employees need to work from a number of geographic locations.All the business data is stored on a remote server, usually located in a secure datacentre, and each individual has their own log in to access only the data that they need to work with.Hosted desktop is far better when set up on Private Cloud.You will have full control of your data and can be confident about its security. Read about Hosted Desktop by nTrust Systems on our Cloud services page.

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5 – Private Cloud secure file sharing

Using e-mail to distribute documents that contain personal details is simply not appropriate.Under the EU GDPR you are taking a risk of getting fined if you continue to do so. Most of us are familiar with public cloud services like Dropbox for file sharing.The disadvantage is not knowing exactly where your data is being held. nTrust Systems offers a highly secure Private Cloud file sharing software called FileCloud.We host this software on our own servers.You control who you share your data with and for how long.You will have audit trails of who your data is shared with – in the case of sensitive or confidential PII data, this might well be a requirement of your industry governing body or your business insurers.nTrust FileCloud is highly secure file sharing software with powerful ransomware protection included.Read more on our FileCloud page.

6 – Private Cloud monitoring to minimise business downtime

We monitor our Private Cloud servers 24/7 and are alerted to any potential problems.We carry out checks on your business every normal working day and take action on system alerts.This helps to avoid more severe problems which could lead to IT downtime that is so frustrating and costly to a business.This will all happen ‘behind the scenes’ from our customers’ point of view.

7 – Private Cloud is customisable to the needs of your business

No business wants to pay for more resource than they need.An advantage of Private Cloud is that the capacity, storage and networking requirements can flex as your business flexes.Our Private Cloud Hosting will be designed specifically for your business, a highly cost-effective solution.Provision can be increased swiftly as your business grows, or can be cut back to suit.

Private Cloud Hosting and IT Support with nTrust Systems

You have the peace of mind that your business data is safe and secure and under your control. Our servers are located in a highly secure state-of-the-art UK datacentre in Surrey, England.We have security-cleared access 24/7, should we need it.

We offer Private Cloud for Hosted Desktop, Online Data Backup and nTrust FileCloud.

You can call and speak to us within seconds.We aim to pick up the phone within a few rings - there will be no call queuing or foreign time zones to delay you.We offer an out of hours service to businesses that need the additional security of being able to speak directly to our senior technicians 24/7, who will be able to respond to and deal with your problem straight away.

nTrust Systems was founded in 2002 by its two directors who had many years of experience in running IT systems for large corporates.They wanted to bring this high standard of IT to SME’s. The company has grown steadily since that date.We are a full service IT Support business, offering a complete range of services and systems to support IT requirements for businesses of all sizes.

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