FileCloud allows financial services firm share data whilst complying with data security requirements


Type of company: Financial Services

Number of employees: 3

Improvements and Benefits:

  • Data shared between employees
  • Legal obligations around file security met
  • Allows future growth of the business

The problem

One of our financial services clients wanted the ability to be able to securely share files among the team members but are not yet ready to invest in a server or hosted desktop solution. They were using email to share files and struggled to keep track of the most recent version of a file, they had considered using other file sharing services in the past but data security regulations require the data to be stored in the UK. nTrust were engaged to provide a solution to this problem that was hindering the day to day function of the business.

How we helped

nTrust provided the company with FileCloud accounts based in a secure Tier3+ data centre. The client was provided with instructions to install the software. The client then transferred their data into the folders and the system took care of the rest providing continuous data synchronisation between computers.

The benefits to the business

The business is now confident in the location of their data and the security controls around it. They are now able to collaborate on documents without the hassle of sending back and forth through email. As the business grows they can simply add users to the system and have the data securely shared.

Client Feedback...

Could not be more helpful...

Square Daisy rated 5 stars