Hosted Desktop Ideal For Sharing Confidential Data Securely

Tier 3+ datacentre

Type of Company: Accountants

Number of Employees: 5

Systems installed:

  • Virtual working environment
  • Tier 3+ Datacentre
  • Automatic daily online encrypted backups

The problem

This company was established by two partners providing accountancy services for contractors. As their client base grew, they wanted to employ additional members of staff. New staff members would be working from their homes, using home PC’s. The new users would need access to the corporate software and would need to be able to share client data securely.

How we helped

nTrust systems created a virtual working environment with hosted desktops, all with the corporate software installed. These hosted desktops can be accessed by a PC, MAC, Tablet or whatever device the end user has available. Client data is not stored on a PC, but is instead stored on a server in a secure Tier 3+ Datacentre in Surrey. As soon as a user logs out, the data is saved to the secure server. Automatic daily online encrypted backups ensure data can be quickly recovered and restored, in the event of a disaster.

The Benefits to the Business

The company is compliant with best practice on protection and security of confidential client data. Their new hosted desktop system allows them to work from anywhere with an internet connection. The hosted desktop access is maintained by nTrust systems and can be switched on or off within seconds just by calling our helpdesk. This makes them more efficient and productive.

Also please feel free to browse our Hosted Desktop Leaflet for further information.

Client Feedback...

Fantastic IT Support, provide invaluable advice...

C Veale rated 5 stars

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