How do you Guarantee Privacy When you Share One Space?

Remote Working

Field of work: Retail

Number of employees: 16-40

Improvements and Benefits:

  • Set up virtual local area network (VLAN)
  • Potential to add new business to the network
  • Installed a fibre line for the data network
  • Installed cloud phone services - VOIP

The problem

Several companies shared a serviced office building. There was little privacy with regards to the network, creating a security risk with data. nTrust were tasked to set up data and phones on a local network that could ensure each company retained their privacy without losing out on productivity.

How we helped

In order to allow each business privacy we installed two fibre lines, one for data and one for the voice (phone) network. The data network is sectioned into virtual local area networks (VLAN), so that each company has its own private space on the network. A local area network is a computer network that interconnects computers in a small area, such as a school or office. This meant that all the companies receive the fastest connectivity, yet each company only has access to its own data stored on the servers.

The benefits to the business

All businesses in the building have peace of mind that their services are no longer on a shared network. Data confidentiality remains a hot topic and with the installation of a new private VLAN, these businesses are compliant.

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