Staff Productivity Improved by IT Upgrade

outsourced IT department

Field of work: Recycling

Number of employees: 100+

Improvements and Benefits:

  • Faster response times on all applications
  • Faster recovery times
  • Less conflicts from applications fighting each other for resources
  • FTTC gives superfast internet access

The problem

This company’s server was 10 years old and struggling to cope. the business had installed every new application on the server with no consideration for capacity, backup, recovery or even co-existence with other applications. Their ADSL internet connection had become slow, causing frustration and delays for the company’s many employees. They consulted nTrust for a proposal to modernise their entire estate.

How we helped

We upgraded their broadband from ADSL to Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC), giving them superfast download and upload speeds. We recommended a Virtualised Server environment to replace the ageing server. It was configured to spread the applications via numerous virtual servers, making the most efficient use of the hardware available and enabling easy maintenance and recovery.

  • The benefits to the business

Employees now enjoy superfast download and upload speeds when using the internet.

Our client benefits from better controllability, scalability and ease of expansion. We continue to provide a responsive IT helpdesk and a reliable infrastructure at manageable costs. Employees treat us as an outsourced IT Department, calling whenever they encounter a problem. We ensure they are working again quickly. We review their business needs with Management at regular intervals and make recommendations to ensure that their IT systems keep pace with their present and future requirements.

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What our clients say...

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