Linking the Back Office to Factory for a Manufacturing Company

Tier 3+ datacentre

Field of work: Manufacturing

Number of employees: 50

Improvements and Benefits:

  • New virtual server enables centralised software updates
  • Centralised and consistent email signatures
  • Single login access from anywhere
  • Daily online backup

The problem

This manufacturing company moved their factory abroad to follow their biggest client. However, with company HQ still in the UK it was proving a challenge to establish a secure IT structure between the two locations. There was one server abroad and another in the head office. Employees had both EU and UK email addresses, causing frustrating complications with correspondence. The server operating system was several years old and preventing an upgrade to the manufacturing ERP software and accounts software. One of the servers was located in a factory handling volatile chemicals and containing equipment operating at high temperatures. There was clearly a potential fire risk, which in turn presented a security risk as any fire would result in damage to the server and loss of business-critical data. According to Researchers with KPMG, 40% of companies that suffer a disaster will go out of business within two years.

How we helped

nTrust migrated all of the company's systems onto a private cloud configuration, hosted within a secure Tier 3+ datacentre in Surrey. A large dedicated host server was carefully planned and configured with several virtual servers, optimising the performance of all the applications and enabling rapid recovery, whilst making the most efficient use of the hardware available.

nTrust integrated the two separate domains so that staff now have only one set of usernames and passwords, providing seamless integration between the UK and European locations. We simplified management and negated the need for duplicated licensing, saving the company money. We now provide daily encrypted online backup, centralised mail templates, along with the ability to monitor the European factory operations and identify any issues from the UK head office.

The benefits to the business

The new server operating system enabled the company to successfully upgrade their business software, JobBoss and Sage, speeding up operations. The factory employees no longer have to administer their server, allowing them to concentrate on running the factory. The administration of the server estate is performed by nTrust's trained IT professionals who work a few minutes from the secure datacentre. The business's support contract with nTrust includes 24/7 monitoring of their systems and fast response to alerts to ensure that all systems run without interruption. The company now operates more efficiently, with less risk of grinding to a halt if something were to go wrong with their servers. We have reduced their recovery time in the event of unforeseen disaster from four days to four hours.

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