Pay-Nex achieve Cyber Essentials Certification

About Pay-Nex

Pay-Nex has many years’ experience helping their clients save time and money by removing the burdens associated with running their payroll and workplace pension schemes.

Dena Dixon, Managing Director, is acutely aware of the extremely sensitive information that her company holds about people and the importance that needs to be placed on their IT infrastructure in order to keep this data secure.

“For my own peace of mind and that of my clients, I need to be able to demonstrate that Pay-Nex takes every care possible to keep their data safe.” Dena Dixon

The solution

When Pay-Nex moved their IT Support to nTrust Systems, they were asked to conduct an IT audit.

“We surveyed every element of Pay-Nex’s IT systems, including hardware, software and firewalls and reported on areas where we observed potential exposure, suggesting various solutions for improvement.” Russ McKenzie – MD nTrust Systems

It was also recommended that Pay-Nex gained a Cyber Essentials Certificate.

Cyber Essentials is a Government-backed scheme which provides a basic framework of good cyber security practice.

“The Cyber Essentials questionnaire is extensive and there were some things I didn’t understand, but with the patient help of the nTrust support desk staff, I was able to respond to all the questions.” Dena

The completed questionnaire identified several upgrades and processes that Pay-Nex needed to adopt in order to conform with all the areas covered by Cyber Essentials Certification.

Once the changes were in place the questionnaire was updated and submitted by nTrust on behalf of Pay-Nex.

The benefits of Cyber Essential Certification

Not only do Pay-Nex now have a robust IT system with best practice process in place, the Cyber Essential logo displayed on all marketing materials sends a clear message to clients and prospects that Pay-Nex is a highly professional business that takes the security of sensitive information extremely seriously.

The Cyber Essential Certificate was instrumental in helping Pay-Nex win a large contract with a PLC that has a payroll of several £millions per year.

“With high profile personnel involved in the PLC, I was intensively grilled about data security. Because we are GDPR compliant and hold the Cyber Essential Certificate they were impressed by the high level of data security we could demonstrate and reassured that we are a responsible and trustworthy organisation.” Dena

As in this case, suppliers to companies that are working for the Government need to be able to demonstrate best cyber practice and are limiting the chance of malicious attacks from both outside and within.

“It only costs £300 per year to gain the Cyber Essential Certification. Having been through the process the first year, the second year was much easier as everything was in place. I would recommend any business that holds a large amount of personal data to obtain certification. I would also recommend Russ McKenzie and his team. The service from nTrust is exemplary. Cyber Essentials was not on my radar, but it has enabled me to win business that I would otherwise have missed out on.” Dena

About nTrust Systems

Technical problems shouldn't stop a business from flourishing. nTrust was founded with the aim to support these businesses.

“I believe that more and more businesses will be looking to Cyber Essentials Certification as a way to reassure their clients that they have recognised the threat of cybercrime and have acted dutifully to protect their data.” Russ

nTrust provides practical advice and assistance to companies wishing to achieve a Cyber Essentials or Cyber Essentials Plus Certificate.This demonstrates to clients, suppliers, stakeholders and employees that you take their data protection seriously, that you have recognised the threat and implemented best practice IT security.

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